Novation Circuit Tracks

Novation Circuit Tracks
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Novation
333 GBP
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The Novation Circuit Tracks is your comprehensive portable studio. Comprised of two synth two MIDI and four drum tracks youll have all the necessary components to compose produce and perform music. Its intuitive design ensures that your approach to making music will be hands-on. Thanks to this theyll be no deliberation or second guessing every move will feel instinctive. Go wherever the groove takes you. The inclusion of a powerful sequencer allows you to bring sterile beats and synths to life. Youll be able to create complex rhythms thanks to the 32-step patterns on offer these can be chained together allowing you to create up to a staggering 256 step sequences per track. Embrace the weird and wonderful with microtiming this allows you to venture “off-grid” to keep your music constantly evolving. Make the most of the premium effects on offer to add the finishing touch to your sound. Making beautiful soundscapes becomes an effortless endeavor via the use of ethereal reverbs and delays. Utilise on-board side-chaining to make your mix pump like never before whilst the master compressor is perfect for adding punch and impact. The wide range of connectivity on offer allows you to integrate the Circuit Tracks into your set-up with ease. Feel inspired thanks to Novation!