Digital Drums 520 Electronic Drum Kit Pack

Digital Drums 520 Electronic Drum Kit Pack
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Gear4Music
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The Digital Drums 520 Electronic Drum Kit by Gear4music is the perfect kit to enhance your technique and performance skills. Its all-new module comes packed with over 300 hand-picked authentic and fully customisable drum sounds. Assemble them however you like into ten user-defined kits or pick one of the 15 preset kits to get your creativity flowing. Whats more USB connectivity also turns the 520 Electronic Drum Kit into a powerful MIDI controller allowing you to trigger and manipulate third-party software and create flowing drum parts with that real human groove. When it comes to electric drums feel is everything. The Digital Drums 520 features a brand new mesh kick drum pad dual-zone mesh snare and tom pads and choke-able cymbals for a completely immersive drumming experience. With a range of powerful DSP effects and a durable highly flexible mounting system the Digital Drums 520 Electronic Drum Kit provides versatile and natural drumming with a sound thats all your own. This bundle comes complete with a set of headphones and drum throne.