ART CleanBox Pro

ART CleanBox Pro
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: ART
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The ART CleanBox Pro is a handy tool for live DJs studio engineers and more to convert two channels of unbalanced line-level to unbalanced consumer-level. Housed in a rugged portable and all-aluminium housing the ART CleanBox Pro is the ideal solution for transporting between gigs for your DJ equipment live PA equipment or even to take between studios for recording sessions. By converting your unbalanced signals to a balanced signal you can expect a greater immunity to external noise hum and interference within your signal giving you a much cleaner audio source to work with. In the studio environment this can help to achieve more professional sounding recordings that are free from unwanted extraneous noises. The CleanBox Pro features a range of connectivity options to ensure maximum flexibility with all of your equipment. It has two XLR and RCA inputs and outputs for stereo operation as well as a stereo mini jack input connected in parallel. The CleanBox Pro features a handy on/off to give you visual feedback of the status of your unit.