RME Digiface USB

RME Digiface USB
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: RME
359 GBP
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The RME Digiface USB offers up to 32 channels of digital audio in stunning 192kHz via the four optical ADAT/SPDIF inputs. Expand your recording rig with simple plug-and-play technology for seamless integration to your setup. Included with the RME Digiface is the TotalMix software a comprehensive mixing and routing matrix that allows you to configure your inputs and outputs in any way that you need for your session including the ability to use several output sources simultaneously. Housed in a compact and portable shell the RME Digiface USB is USB-powered eliminating the need for any bulky power supplies making it the ideal solution for mobile producers and engineers looking for an expansive digital audio interface option.