Digital Drums 470x Mesh Electronic Drum Kit Amp Pack

Digital Drums 470x Mesh Electronic Drum Kit Amp Pack
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Gear4Music
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This is digital drumming redefined. For too long drummers have lamented the lack of realism in electronic drum kits. But with our DD470xs unique technology the gap between virtual and acoustic drums has been bridged like never before. Unlike most electronic kits the DD470x features non-contact sensor technology which adds new levels of realism to electronic drumming. The unique magnetic sensors convert the users playing vibrations into digital information which better reflects the intricacies of your drumming - either using the inbuilt sounds or triggering your favourite VSTs. The kits vast selection of inbuilt sounds and custom options further empower its user to create a personal virtual drum statement. Requiring very little space for setup the compact and portable DD470x allows for maximum drum expression with a simple and powerful module.Included with this kit is a set of HP-210 stereo headphones a pair of 5A wood tip drumsticks a high quality drum stool 6m jack cable and the sideKIK Personal Musicians Amp with Bluetooth by Gear4music.