Yamaha THR30II Wireless Guitar Amp Black

Yamaha THR30II Wireless Guitar Amp Black
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Yamaha
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The Yamaha THR30II Wireless Guitar Amp is here to make your music mobile. Boasting a dual 3.5" speaker setup and 30 Watts of power youre going make yourself heard no matter the location. And that sound is rich developed and responsive as Yamaha have instilled tube amp-like tones through a wealth of modelling options. With the THR30II youve got authentic sonics on-the-go.But its more than just a practice amp! Equipped with a host of connectivity features the THR30 truly stands out. Firstly Bluetooth allows for wireless audio playback when you fancy a bit of music to jam along to. And whats more you can jam free from wires! Thanks to a built-in wireless receiver you can connect your guitar with a Line-6 and let go of the leash. Included with an integrated audio interface and Cubase AI/Cubasis LE youve even got recording and editing options all through one amp! From busking to home studio music making the Yamaha THR30II can do it all.