Turtle Wax Hard Shell Wax 397g 1830927

Turtle Wax Hard Shell Wax 397g 1830927
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Turtle Wax Hard Shell wax Turtle Wax Hard Shell wax in 396 gr. pot is a solid wax that provides a gloss-hard protection of the car paint. The wax protects against weather influences. UV radiation. brine and corrosion. The paint of your car is fed with oils. so that the color and shine come out to the maximum. Turtle Wax effectively protects your paint against corrosion. pollution and weather influences. The coating is resistant to washing. Do not contain solvents. This version is ideal for treating car rims. This hard car rim wax ensures that brake dust burns and adheres less. Instructions:

  • Make sure the car is not in direct sunlight.
  • Clean your car with a powerful car shampoo.
  • Dry the surface thoroughly. a chamois is strongly recommended.
  • Rub or dab the Applicator Pad into the Turtle Wax jar.
  • Do not use too much wax. It is difficult to brush off excess wax later.
  • Wax in. Rub the Hardshell wax on the paintwork in circular movements.
  • Let the wax dry for 4 to 5 minutes until a dull haze forms.
  • Wax out. Now remove the excess wax with a microfiber cloth in a rotating movement. Apply light pressure on the paintwork while brushing. Use the clean side of the microfiber cloth to polish the wax layer to a high gloss. Please note: this product contains harmful substances. Please refer to the PDF with all safety information. Hazard statements (CLP):
  • H319 causes serious eye irritation Material: Pasta Content: 397 gr application: Wax packing: Little pot