Yamaha DTX10K-M Electronic Drum Kit Black Forest

Yamaha DTX10K-M Electronic Drum Kit Black Forest
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Yamaha
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The Yamaha DTX10K-M BF Electronic Drum Kit is a flagship electronic drum kit by Yamaha. This kit combines world-class acoustic drums with the newest digital drumming sampling and music technology. As technology advances drummers demand a more cutting-edge performance from electronic drums - the DTX10K-M BF does not disappoint. There are over 400 sounds loaded onto the PROX module with the ability to load up to 1000 of your own samples. These sounds can be edited and enhanced using the kit modifier knobs. These allow you to instantly change the sound of the kit by adjusting the real sampled room ambience as well as compression and EQ. Each of the drum pads feature a birch shell for a completely authentic look and feel with maximum drumming integrity. The black forest finish enhances this providing a stunning aesthetic for any playing environment. Please Note: This kit does not included a kick pedal.