Allen and Heath ZED-24 USB Stereo Mixer

Allen and Heath ZED-24 USB Stereo Mixer
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Allen & Heath
799 GBP
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Sleek and versatile. The Allen and Heath ZED-24 USB Stereo Mixer is the ideal choice for musicians self-recording artists and venues. Whether youre tracking demos at home performing live or contributing to commercial releases. The ZED-24 is the ultimate companion for every step of your creative journey. Even with its compact size the ZED-24 includes four auxiliary channels and a sweepable three-band EQ ideal for manipulating the tone of your recordings for instant professional results. Youll be able to capture performances and record them directly to your Mac or PC without the need for additional equipment. Make your performances resonate with the listener through the inclusion of premium DuoPre preamps. These will provide you with exceptional low noise and expansive headroom thanks to distributed gain control. The Zed-24 is a workhorse designed to streamline your workflow and drastically improve the sonic quality of your recordings.