Trust Nado Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Trust Nado Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
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Brand: Trust
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The Trust Nado Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is the versatile keyboard solution that can accompany you at home, in the office and everywhere in between. Compact, wireless and convenient, the Trust Nado Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard offers compatibility with your PC, laptop and tablet devices via an ultra-fast, reliable Bluetooth 4.0 connection. Ultra-thin and lightweight design Triple pairing: connect up to 3 devices and simply switch between them Low profile isolated keys, with great response (scissor type) Up to 12 multimedia function keys, directly accessible thanks to OS-select keys (function keys differ per OS) Bluetooth 4.0, up to 10m wireless range On-off switch MINIMALIST DESIGN The Trust Nado Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard boasts a sleek, ultra-thin design that is perfect for travel due to its compact shape and ultra-light carry weight. This modern keyboard will blend into any office setting or digital-ready living room seamlessly, with its low-profile and isolated key design giving as much to its minimalist and sleek style as it does to its intelligent and convenient practicality. TRIPLE PAIRING Enjoy the freedom and versatility of controlling multiple devices simultaneously with the Trust Nado Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard’s triple pairing functionality. This unique wireless function allows you to connect to up to three devices at once, such as your laptop, tablet and smartphone, intelligently controlling their activities, with the ability to seamlessly switch between them at any given time. CONVENIENT CONTROL Equipped with 12 multi-media function keys the Trust Nado Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard ensures you always have quick and convenient access to all your critical functions right at your fingertips. You even have the freedom to alter your most used functions based on the operating system the device you are connected to uses. This means you can programme access to home buttons, lock functions, screenshot controls and more when you are connected to your smartphone devices, without then having these functions available when connected to your PC or laptop devices which have no need for them. With an impressive 10 meter wireless Bluetooth range, the Trust Nado Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard works all around the room.