Trust HS-250 Over-Ear USB PC Headset

Trust HS-250 Over-Ear USB PC Headset
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Brand: Trust
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Make the Call With more meetings taking place online, you’ll need a comfortable headset that supports you throughout the day. The Trust HS-250 does exactly that. With soft, over-ear pads and an adjustable headband, the HS-250 stays comfortable even after long meetings. Thanks to the large 40mm drivers and flexible microphone, you’ll hear your colleagues just as clear as they’ll hear you. And because sustainability is just as important to you, this headset comes in easy-to-open and recyclable packaging, saving you time and resources, while also helping the planet. Communication is Key Whether you’re talking to your employer, a co-worker or a friend, it’s important that everyone understands each other. Thanks to the two large drivers of 40mm each, you’ll enjoy crisp stereo sound so you can focus on your reply instead of trying to figure out what they’re trying to say. Because of this, the flexible mic ensures that they’ll hear your response just as clearly. Soft and Comfortable Meetings can last for quite a while, so you want to make sure you’re comfortable; the Trust HS-250 does its share to make sure that you are. The large, over-ear pads are soft, ensuring comfort even during the longest of meetings, while the adjustable headband allows anyone to wear this headset with ease. Easy The Trust HS-250 is equipped with a 2m long USB cable which allows for a lot of freedom of movement. There’s even an inline remote integrated in the cable, so you’ll easily adjust the volume or the microphone. The USB cable makes sure you’ll headset works the moment you plug it into your PC or laptop, so you’ll be conferencing through apps like Teams, Skype or Zoom in no time at all.