Rockjam 10-Watt Bluetooth Rechargeable Karaoke Machine With Wireless Microphone - Pink

Rockjam 10-Watt Bluetooth Rechargeable Karaoke Machine With Wireless Microphone - Pink
Brand: RockJam
Color: Pink
49.99 GBP
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The RockJam 10-Watt Bluetooth Rechargeable Karaoke Machine is perfect for parties and celebrations, but can also be used as a home speaker! The RockJam K-pop is the perfect addition to any household. With multi-purpose use, this is sure to become a staple for your family that you can enjoy every day. Daily Use Serving as a Bluetooth speaker, the rechargeable battery means that it can be moved around anywhere, in and outside of the house. Its 2x5W speakers are sure to keep you within earshot no matter where you are. Party Time The night is when the K-pop really comes alive! Getting the party started is no problem with the K-pop, connect with your mobile device via Bluetooth or aux connections and the impressive light show that moves in time to the music will be filling a small to medium-sized room with ease. Karaoke Party When the feeling takes us, we all love a sing-song. Connect with your mobile device via the Bluetooth or AUX connection, head over to one of the popular streaming sites, select your favourite number and place your device in the cradle provided, pick up the provided microphone and you can be belting out your top banger in seconds. Depth: 20.5 CM Height: 18.5 CM Width: 20.5 CM Warning Message: Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years Bluetooth: Quickly paired, this karaoke machine will attach to any smart device in seconds via its inbuilt Bluetooth connection. This karaoke system will playback mp3’s stored on a USB or any device that stores music via its auxiliary input. This karaoke device is both highly portable and contains a reachable battery this will allow you to playback music for up to four hours. Wireless Karaoke Microphone: Coming with a wireless vocal microphones this karaoke package is ideal for performing without restrictions This RockJam karaoke machine comes with an inbuilt 5watt speaker that will easily fill a medium to large-sized room as a pa speaker or pa speaker. LED Lights: Moving in time to the music the inbuilt light show within this karaoke machine can be turned on and off depending on your usage. This karaoke machine has both echo control and independent voice volumes and four-voice effects to so you can perfect your mix. Using any popular streaming platforms you can pair this karaoke machine with your mobile, tablet, or even smart tv and singalong