Laney Ironheart MINISTACK Bluetooth Guitar Amp

Laney Ironheart MINISTACK Bluetooth Guitar Amp
Categories: Bluetooth, Speaker
Brand: Laney
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Live the Laney luxury. The Laney Ironheart MINISTACK Bluetooth Guitar Amp brings convenience to your performance and lifestyle. It has six watts powered by batteries and its Bluetooth enabled. Perfect for your desktop practicing or performing. Youll love Laneys unique LSI connectivity too allowing you to connect your Ironheart Mini and your smartphone to access a world of your favourite guitar tones and effects. Bringing all those classic characteristics to your fingertips - its time to play with freedom.Whether youre busking backstage practicing at home - the Ironheart MINISTACK has you covered. You can play your style anywhere anytime. And you can sculpt every nuance of your tone too. Choose between the clean or drive channel and play around with gain level tone and tape-style digital delay dials. You can also play silently in the comfort of home jam with friends or use it as a Bluetooth speaker and be the life of the party. Taking inspiration from the iconic Laney Ironheart this is a legendary look and sound thats waiting for you.