Presonus Revelator io44

Presonus Revelator io44
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Presonus
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The Presonus Revelator io44 is a portable music studio that fits within the palm of your hand. This powerful USB audio interface features everything you need to create and record music as well as live-stream for online content creators. At the heart of the Revelator io44 is an XMAX-L preamp with Phantom Power which provides crisp rich sound quality for your microphones. The combination input means you can record virtually any sound source from mics to guitars and even other stereo sources like DJ equipment. It also features powerful onboard processing so you can shape your sound as you wish. Mix and blend audio from up to three different applications at once using the integrated mixer. An onboard screen also displays your levels so you can monitor them at a glance. You can also monitor your sound via the headphone output. Whether youre a musician a DJ or an online content creator; the Revelator delivers professional-grade results no matter the application. It even features presets crafted by professionals so you can sound like the pros with just a single click. The integrated digital mixer features two dedicated loopback channels allowing you to integrate audio from multiple applications into your productions. Introduce online callers to your podcast and broadcast or play backing tracks through your online stream simultaneously to your software of choice. If that wasnt enough PreSonus have included a music software suite including over 1000 dollars of software - for free! The Revelator io44 gives you everything you need to create and record; no matter where you are.