Mackie OnyxGO Clip On Wireless Microphone - Nearly New

Mackie OnyxGO Clip On Wireless Microphone - Nearly New
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Mackie
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The Mackie OnyxGO Clip on Wireless Microphone is an instant and convenient wireless microphone system for smartphones. With the OnyxGO you can achieve quality voice recordings on your phone in an instant perfect for podcasting interviews streams and YouTube videos just clip it on and go! Thanks to an in-built Onyx preamp you can get Mackies thick smooth sound on your vocals with absolutely no wires. The OnyxGO also provides in-app control with five-band EQ reverb automatic lip sync and a digital mixer to blend between Bluetooth audio and the microphone signal providing deep control to dial in your sound to get professional high-quality speech without having to be bogged down by a complicated setup. Rounded out by AI-powered transcription and subtitle generation you can get an accurate write-up of any conversation to ensure your content is accessible to everyone.