Logitech Brio 500 - Graphite - Entry Pricepoint 1080P Webcam

Logitech Brio 500 - Graphite - Entry Pricepoint 1080P Webcam
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Brand: Logitech
Color: White
129 GBP
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Logitech BRIO 500 - Graphite - Entry pricepoint 1080P webcam Look and feel like your best self in every meeting with Brio 500. Whether the lighting in your space is too dim or too bright, RightLight auto-corrects so others can see you clearly. RightSight auto-framing(1)(3) centres the camera on you, allowing you to stand and move during meetings. Noise-reducing mics make your voice sound natural. Show Mode lets you include physical items in video calls by tilting the camera down to present work in progress or other objects. Enjoy a more authentic meeting experience and be your best self on every video call. Computing Accessory Type: Webcams Depth: 110 MM Advanced Image Quality: Full HD 1080p webcam resolution provides outstanding image quality so everyone can see you clearly during meetings Auto Light Correction (RightLight 4): RightLight 4 video lighting technology automatically adjusts to the lighting in your environment Auto-Framing RightSight: Auto-framing (1)(3) centres the video camera on you, allowing you to stand and move during meetings without leaving the frame Show Mode: Present your work or other objects on your desk with Show Mode, which lets you tilt the web camera up or down with one hand Dual Noise Reduction Microphones: Be heard clearly in noisy environments thanks to noise-cancelling mics that filter out background sound during calls Webcam with Privacy Cover To protect your privacy between meetings, simply rotate the integrated webcam privacy shutter to completely block the camera 90-Degree Field of View: A wider-than-normal FOV gives you extra space to move around or have a second person on the camera with you Height: 32 MM Width: 32 MM