KRK KNS-6402 Studio Monitoring Headphones

KRK KNS-6402 Studio Monitoring Headphones
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: KRK
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The KRK KNS-6402 Studio Monitoring Headphones are a pair of closed-back headphones with the incredible sound expected of KRK products. The KNS-6402 headphones provide extreme sound isolation up to 26 dBA minimising bleed into microphones and providing you with a focused sound that external sources wont distract you from. Made from durable impact-resistant plastic with replaceable components the KRK KNS-6402s will provide you incredible sound quality that lasts. With a robust frequency response down to 10 Hz the KNS-6402 provide powerful sub frequencies and extremely accurate sound for monitoring and critical listening. Excellent wide stereo imaging and consistent KRK voicing ensures that these headphones will give you the sound experience you want. For tracking editing mixing and personal listening the KNS-6402s will provide KRKs signature clarity and accuracy wherever you need them to go.