Korg C1 Air Digital Piano Package White

Korg C1 Air Digital Piano Package White
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Korg
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An incredible blend of tradition and innovation. The Korg C1 Air digital piano is an exceptional piano which will enhance your living environment. Boasting powerful speakers which will fill any space the Korg C1 Air delivers your performance with all the depth and clarity you could ever need. The touch of a piano is arguably the most important detail. This is why Korg have included their premium RH3 keyboard in the C1 Air. Perfectly emulating a grand piano the RH3 keyboard exudes quality and class. Its obvious that every single part of the C1 Air is assembled in Kyoto Japan. Stand out from the crowd. The C1s styling is contemporary minimalist and certainly memorable. While paying homage to the pianos traditional form Korgs new design ideology enables the C1 Air to be impressive and yet compact enough to be placed virtually anywhere - even in small spaces.