JBL 308P MKII Studio Monitors with Stands Pair

JBL 308P MKII Studio Monitors with Stands Pair
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: JBL
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Mix and master songs with confidence. JBL 308P MKII with Stands Pair is the perfect bundle for any aspiring musician or studio engineer. The JBL 308 MKII Studio Monitor is a bi-amplified active studio monitor building on the success of the original LSR3 series. The 308 MK2 Studio Monitor provides exceptional audio fidelity thanks to the patented image control waveguide resulting in an immersive stereo field. The patented Slip Stream LF-port helps to accentuate the bass response providing a powerful defined low-end. The bundle also includes a pair of studio monitor stands. These reliable and sturdy stands help to optimise your audio performance by minimising unwanted resonance and de-coupling your speakers from desktop surfaces.