Encore Electric Guitar E6 in Gloss Black, Kinsman 10w Amp & Guitar First Aid Kit

Encore Electric Guitar E6 in Gloss Black, Kinsman 10w Amp & Guitar First Aid Kit
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Brand: Encore
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#html-body [data-pb-style=T3LBSDR]{justify-content:flex-start;display:flex;flex-direction:column;background-position:left top;background-size:cover;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-attachment:scroll;margin:0;padding:0}Encore electric guitar - a firm favourite with guitar players the world over, the twin cutaway body shape of the Encore E6 has been carefully dimensioned to be as comfortable, ergonomic and balanced as possible so it plays like a dream and produces those so-classic tones. Features a twin cutaway body, with maple C profile neck and 22 frets. 3 single-coil pick ups and a 5-way selector switch for changing your tone, controlled by one volume and two tone controls. The vibrato bridge allows you to bend and change the pitch of strings and return to pitch accurately. Chrome machineheads allow for stable tuning on the classic Encore headstock design for balance and visual appeal. A great sounding, feature-laden amp ideal for the budding guitar hero! The 10-watt BB10 is great for all kinds of music, with a versatile Bass/Treble EQ that allows you to mould your sound to your heart’s content, and a gain control that will take you from bright cleans to crushing distortion. Best of all, you can plug your headphones in for silent practice when the adults have had enough! Who better than Encore, the UK’s leading starter guitar brand, to offer and all important guitar accessory kit for either electric or acoustic guitars. Full of those all important essentials for first time guitarist, it’s ideal as an ‘add-on extra’ to anyone purchasing their first guitar, or an affordable present or treat for a budding guitarist. Plus - We include FREE?Online Beginners Lessons with hints and tips in association with YourGuitarAcademy.com Presented in a full colour metal carry case which is also great for storage. Features and Benefits Comfortable Construction - A beginner guitar should always be designed for maximum comfort, in order to make learning as simple as possible. Encore has ensured that its E6 model fits that mould, with a contoured body that rests nicely against you in both sitting and standing positions. Made from a solid tonewood that’s perfectly robust and rich in sustain, this material is also very light and shouldn’t cause any playing fatigue or strain on your shoulder. Easy-To-Play Neck - While it’s important for a guitar’s body to feel ergonomic, its neck is arguably the most important factor when it comes to playability. Luckily, Encore’s E6 boasts a superb vintage-shaped Maple neck that gives you a smooth surface to grip for chords, riffs and lead licks. The genuine Rosewood fingerboard feels lovely under the fingers too, with a 10" radius giving the frets a slightly rounded profile that follows the natural shape of your fingers. Versatile Electronics - The Encore E6 provides a wide palette of sounds thanks to its three Guitar Tech single-coil pickups. This makes the instrument flexible for a variety of styles, especially with the 5-way selector switch allowing you to experiment with different pickup combinations and tones. A master volume control and 2 tone knobs give you further authority over the E6’s sound too! Free Online Lessons - Encore has teamed up with Your Guitar Academy to provide online tuition to learn to play your Encore guitar. Beginner courses are available for electric, classic/acoustic and bass guitar with hints, tips and lessons. Specifications Encore Electric Guitar E6 Body: Solid tonewood Neck: Maple, bolt-on Fingerboard: Overhung 22 fret, 10" radius Scale Length: 650mm Tuners: Diecast Guitar Tech Bridge/Tailpiece: Guitar Tech vibrato Pickups: 3 Guitar Tech calibrated single coils Controls: 2 Tone, 1 Volume, 5-way pickup selector Free Online Lessons Material: Wood Package Dimensions: D 8.0 x W 40.0 x H 104.0 cm Colour: Gloss Black Kinsman 10W Amp Input: This is a standard 1/4" input jack for plugging in your instrument. It is intended for guitars but will accept other instruments as well. Gain: Adjust this clockwise to increase the amount of distortion you add to the overdrive signal. Used in the lower ranges of the control, you get a less distorted sound, a ‘bluesy’ tone. As you increase the gain, you add tremendous amounts of distortion to the signal for a harder-edged ‘crunch’ tone. Drive/Clean: Push this little button to get classical overdrive or normal clean guitar tones. Volume: The output volume control for the entire amplifier. Treble: Adds extra treble to the bass tone for additional ‘bite’ and attack. Too much will give an overly abrasive sound. Bass: Adds extra bottom end for a rounder, deeper and smoother bass tone. Phone: A 1/4" jack for plugging in headphones creating a pseudo-stereo sound. Select sound level with the volume control. It will automatically disconnect the internal speaker when plugged in to allow quiet practising. Power: This switch turns the power to the amp on and off. Dimensions: 23.5cm (H) x 24.5cm (W) x 12.4cm (D) Weight: 2.95 Kg Colour: Black Encore Electric Guitar First Aid Kit Whether you’re a beginner or a gigging musician, the Encore First Aid kit is for you Great value with everything you need in one kit to get playing the electric guitar! Never worry about breaking s tring or going out of tune again! free access to our Encore online guitar tuition, covering all styles of playing, suitable for beginners or more advanced players. Dimensions: D 17.0 x W 21.0 x H 6.0 cm Colour: Red What’s Included Encore Electric Guitar E6 in Gloss Black Kinsman 10W Practice Guitar Amplifier Online Guitar Tuition Electric Guitar String Set - Nickel Wound 9’s Guitar Cable - 3m Guitar Strap - adjustable with bootlace Polish Cloth - large Pitch Pipe Capo String Winder Strap Buttons + screws Pick Pack - 3 picks Metal Carry Case