Roland TR-6S Rhythm Composer with Headphones

Roland TR-6S Rhythm Composer with Headphones
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Roland
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The Roland TR-6S Rhythm Composer provides you with the same level of functionality as its older sibling. One of the most unique features of the TR-6S is the inclusion of all the most sought-after TR drum machines. Whether you desire classic 808s 909s 707s or even 606s. This authentic recreation will make you feel like anything is possible. Feel empowered by the vast array of opportunities the TR-6S grants you. Whether you want to reinforce natural drums make beats in public or even use it as an interface. With this sequencer in your set-up youll be able to emulate the hits of the day and trends of tomorrow. Anything is possible. This bundle also includes a pair of Roland RH-5 Closed Stereo Headphones allowing you to monitor your sound and practice at home. Utilising high-performance 40mm drivers the RH-5 headphones deliver high-end audio fidelity allowing you to hear every nuance of your sequences and sounds.