Digital Drums 420X Mesh Electronic Drum Kit Package Deal

Digital Drums 420X Mesh Electronic Drum Kit Package Deal
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Gear4Music
399.99 GBP
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Take your drumming to the next level with all mesh pads. The Gear4music DD420X electronic drum kit - A responsive and user-friendly digital kit. Offering an authentic experience this kit features highly detailed and responsive pads. Amp up your practice sessions with plenty of sounds and tracks to experiment with. The DD420X kit is loaded with 10 pre-programmed kits 108 individual voices and 40 patterns. Packed with high quality sounds this kit is ideal for both beginners and more experienced players. Easily to control cymbal dynamics. The choke on the crash cymbals brings you closer to an acoustic kit so you can add an extra dimension to your practice sessions. Also including a quiet bass trigger and headphone output means you can practice without disturbing the neighbours. Included with this kit is a set of HP-210 stereo headphones a pair of 5A wood tip drumsticks and high quality drum stool - everything you need to play straight from the box!