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With all the excitement for The Force Awakens and EA’s Battlefront, I wanted to make a replica of the ARP2600 patch originally used for R2D2. As you certainly know, a significant part of R2’s emotions came from Ben Burtt’s voice performed through the ring modulator. It’s subtle and most people usually don’t notice it, but without it, it’s also not quite the same character.

Ben Burtt's APR2600 patch for R2D2

Ben Burtt’s APR 2600

R2D2's Lights and LEDs turn on and start to blink at the clock rate when you put your Wacom pen down.

The LEDs turn on and blink at the clock rate when you put your Wacom pen down.

Under R2’s picture, the ADSR is your main envelope used for your Wacom Pen or keyboard. Right below is the “Amp Mod Waveforms” used to control the amplitude modulation shape. If “Man / Rnd” is unchecked, it means that you can just switch the waveforms on the VCS. If “Man / Rnd” is checked, it means that the waveforms will randomly switch on every BPM. Now if FM Envelope is checked, the envelope will also control the FM modulation. On the right, Amp Proba, FM Proba and Wave Proba are all probability thresholds. So basically, a random number is generated on every BPM and if the number gets less than the value set, it will open the corresponding gate.

R2D2 Patch

You’re probably wondering why “Frequency Parameter” and “OscModFreq parameter” are level nodes. I learned from Carla Scaletti that a hot value is only updated 1000 times per second whereas a sound e.g the output of a level node, is updated on every sample, which tremendously increases the audio quality when doing frequency modulation.

May the force be with you.

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    • andrew bird
    • June 25th, 2015

    Amazing again Jedsound!
    :) Can’t wait to load this up and annoy some birds!

    “Come on R2, we’re going”
    “Am not”
    “Are too”