Karaoke Party

  • 14 Nov, 2021

Karaoke party at home

What’s more fun than a karaoke party? Whether you plan to do it in your home, in your backyard, or an open space, a karaoke themed party is always a good idea. You’ve got food, great music, and your friends and family to enjoy with. All you need to do is gather the right singing equipment.

In this quick guide, we share some great tips on how to host a karaoke party. Plus, we have a checklist of things you need to complete your singing equipment from karaoke software to microphones.

Host A Karaoke Party

If you’re hosting a karaoke party, the first thing you’ll need to make sure of is to have all the equipment ready, from a USB microphone to speakers. Of course, don’t forget to send an invite to your guests, especially the ones who are really into karaoke.

What’s next? Make a playlist and prepare everyone’s favourite songs and latest hits to keep your karaoke party going for hours. Lastly, don’t forget about food and drinks! But be sure to pick food that is less messy for less cleaning.

All The Gear You Need To Throw A Karaoke Party

To make your karaoke party a success, you’ll need to put together the right gadgets for a great sing-along with the crew.

  • Microphone - Karaoke night isn’t complete without a good working microphone.
  • Speaker - Choose a powerful speaker with great sound.
  • Karaoke App - Download a compatible karaoke app to display the songs and lyrics.

Best Karaoke Machines And Software

The success of your karaoke party highly depends on your karaoke machine or software. A karaoke machine is a simple music player and a microphone that can have a built-in amplifier and speaker output. For the software, it’s an app that you’ll have to download.

If you’re looking for karaoke machines, get them here for your convenience. We have Bontempi Karaoke Microphone for kids and Stars Karaoke Machine for adults. Complete your setup with our available speakers, from stereos to wireless speakers and subwoofers. With us, you’ll surely have a great karaoke party with quality equipment that’ll last for many future parties.