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Field and toys 2013

Happy accident 2 – Garden Snake

My landlord has this wild garden where flowers, vegetables, small trees and big plants share the same small space. One late night of Summer, she was still gardening and I could barely see her. She accidentally dropped the hose on the ground resulting in a sound that I interpreted as a hissing snake. It was actually the small stream of water that fluttered a big leaf. I waited until she was done and I went outside playing with this intriguing reptile.

Happy accident 1 – Disneyland shot glass

I recently drank some Double Espresso Flavored Vodka out of an old Disneyland shot glass that I received as a gift a year ago. As I’m washing my dishes in the sink, I noticed some sugar stuck at the tight bottom of the glass, so I tried to remove it by rubbing my wet index finger and it just made this crazy sound! First, I thought it was a frog (after all, I’m French) and by opening and closing my left hand on top of the glass, I could basically make it speak like you do with your mouth. It was like controlling the sound of somebody scratching his own throat with a fork :-).

Here’s an edit of my best takes: