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Microphone technology has evolved at such a rate that just about anyone can make their voice heard almost instantaneously all over the world, whether it is in the form of belting out their own rendition of the latest hit song, sharing their political opinions or teaching classes to information-hungry students.

Microphone test, one, two, one, two

The most important thing in all these cases and the many more instances not mentioned is that the person doing the talking needs to not only be merely heard but heard loud and clear. Anyone interested in recording or live-streaming their voice should carefully consider the tool that is vital to the task, that is, the microphone they plan to use. Logically, anyone with a smartphone has a microphone right at their fingertips already.

Starting small is better than not starting at all

Many people who start off with their recording projects, like a podcast or video blog, often start small using only the basics, like their smartphone. Many people advocate for starting your project with whatever tools you have at your disposal, and not postponing your project indefinitely while you search for and save up for the next step in audio recording.

Why invest in a high-quality microphone

The next step which all people who are serious about taking their audio recording to the next level is a high-quality microphone. There are many different microphones available to suit a wide variety of needs. While a smartphone's microphone can do the basics, it is a long shot from the quality that an external microphone offers. Moving on from a phone microphone to a quality external microphone will help you step your recording up from acceptable to extraordinary.

Jedsound is the place to shop

Here at Jedsound, we've got you covered if you're looking for a versatile, durable microphone. We sell all Tech Gadgets online. Check out the Audio Technica AT2020+, with its high dynamic range and ability to hold high sound pressure levels. This microphone has arguably the best quality-to-price ratio available and is suitable for projects undertaken at home or on the go. There's also one for gamers. The Roccat Torch Streaming Mic comes with features like LED lights to help gamers easily check their gain levels and whether they're muted or not. Apart from being used mainly by gamers to communicate with their teammates, this microphone is versatile enough to be used for podcasts and recording music. Look around our store under the microphone section to find all you might need for your audio recording project. You can also check out the other categories like sound cards and speakers.