Zoom Podtrak P8 Podcasting Bundle with Shure SM7B

Zoom Podtrak P8 Podcasting Bundle with Shure SM7B
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Zoom
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Your complete podcast studio. The Zoom PodTrak P8 is an all-in-one recording editing and mixing solution ideal for podcasting. The PodTrak P8 is jam-packed with useful features including onboard effects pre-loaded sounds and touchscreen controls. The PodTrak P8 builds on the success of its sibling (the P4) expanding on the original design with colour-coded connections so you can easily track your inputs and outputs. Sound quality can make or break a podcast and Zoom ensures you get the best take every time. The six onboard mic inputs provide crystal-clear audio fidelity with up to 70dB of gain. Youve mixed. Youve mastered…and it still doesnt sound like it should. But what if you could get the right sound in less time and with less stress? Well thats exactly how the Shure SM7B achieved its monster reputation. By making it effortless to record high-quality audio. This bundle also includes headphones cables and arms.