Yamaha Stagepas 200BTR Battery-Powered Portable PA System

Yamaha Stagepas 200BTR Battery-Powered Portable PA System
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Yamaha
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The Yamaha Stagepas 200BTR Battery-Powered Portable PA System is a compact portable and battery-powered PA speaker. The first ever battery-powered PA system from Yamaha the Stagepas 200 delivers a sound output that far outclasses its size perfect for touring musicians buskers DJs and entertainers. This speaker is well-suited to playing outdoors or in cafes bars schools houses of worship weddings or even in use as monitor wedges on-stage. The Stagepas 200s coaxial driver features an 8-inch woofer and a compact but clear 1.4-inch tweeter delivering a punchy sound output of up to 125 dB SPL. This speakers digital mixer features five channels with adjustable gain for controlled and comprehensive connectivity. Three mono channels offer combi jacks for compatibility with both microphone or line-level sources. And the stereo channel provides a stereo line input or Bluetooth streaming for playing backing tracks or music to keep an audience entertained during events. To further control your sounds Yamaha has included a morphing EQ on all channels with settings for microphones and line-level sources that you can blend to your taste. Effects like adjustable reverb delay chorus and combinations of these add depth and space to your sounds while feedback suppression helps keep performances clean and clear. Multiband compression on the output mode dial means music speeches or DJ sets can come through clear punchy and well-defined. Yamaha have also made the Stagepas 200 wirelessly controllable via mobile app so you can mix it on your smartphone or tablet with the addition of a bonus 4-band parametric EQ.