Yamaha MG10 Analog Mixer

Yamaha MG10 Analog Mixer
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Yamaha
179 GBP
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Yamahas MG10 is an analog mixer that proves high-class sound isnt limited to big mixers. Now you can get world-class preamps without the weight hassle or price tag of a large console. The class-A D-PRE preamps deliver sound reproduction with great clarity and detail. Get great results every time. Youll also get the control to tweak your sound and get it right in any recording or performance space. 15 dB high mid and low band EQs are included on each mic input along with a switchable high pass filter and 26 dB pad. The first 2 channels include a 1-knob compressor which lets you instantly get a great compression sound without having to change several different settings. Take the hassle out of your mixes.