Waldorf M Wavetable Synthesizer

Waldorf M Wavetable Synthesizer
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Waldorf
1649 GBP
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Waldorf M is a modern take on their classic Microwave wavetable synthesizers. This will give you a true hybrid sound thanks to the combination of wavetable oscillators with analog filters and amplifiers. All with eight-voice polyphony and four-part multitimbrality; Ms sound is massively well… massive. M has two wavetable oscillators at its disposal. These both have two modes they can use: classic and modern. Classic mode uses bit-reduction to emulate the sound of the original Microwave synths; modern has full 16-bit capability and can do fun things like hard Sync. Youll be geting lost in the incredible sound of M in no time. With an enormous set of 2048 sound programs there is a lot to explore before you even start sculpting your own sounds. And youll find its sleek design with intuitive controls will get you going in no time.