Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer Black

Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer Black
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Waldorf
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Mighty wavetable synthesis from the legendary manufacturer. The Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer in white is a cinematic dramatic and incredibly functional synthesizer. This analogue emulation at its best. The synthesis engine offers a unique blend of analogue emulation and digital vibrancy. The system is based upon the revolutionary wave synthesizers of the early 80s. On first listen the Blofeld is sure to invoke nostalgia but its regularly updated firmware means its always on the cutting edge of synthesis technology. The Waldorf Blofeld features three oscillators which feature high-end circuit models of analogue waveforms. It also borrows the two wavetables from Waldorf Q incorporating them into the first two oscillators. Also included are ROM wavetables from the flagship Waldorf Wave. This innovative wavetable synthesizer features everything you need for live performances and sound design. The combination of ring modulation a noise generator advanced filters envelopes and LFOs makes the Blofeld one of the most versatile synth modules on the market.