VISIONKEY-10 Keyboard by Gear4music - Complete Pack

VISIONKEY-10 Keyboard by Gear4music - Complete Pack
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Gear4Music
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The VISIONKEY-10 portable piano keyboard is the perfect creative tool for those who want the best start on the keyboard. With 480 sounds and 160 rhythm styles to choose from you can perform any style of music you like. Get help along the way with 140 inbuilt songs and a Music Tutorial System. With a lightweight and compact design the keyboard is ideal for quick and easy transportation between the stage and your home. Get composing. With an inbuilt recording and playback function youll be ready when inspiration strikes. By connecting to your computer with the USB MIDI you can take your composition to the next level by using the VISIONKEY-10 with a DAW. The on-board DSP effects are the perfect finishing touch to any performance adding a beautiful sense of depth to your tone. Its easy to switch from silent practice to performance with a headphone jack and integrated speakers. For more complex performances this is a versatile instrument also serving as a MIDI controller for soft synths. This bundle also includes a stand bench and headphones.