Universal Audio Volt 4 Audio Interface

Universal Audio Volt 4 Audio Interface
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Universal Audio
225 GBP
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The Universal Audio Volt 4 USB Audio Interface is a comprehensive 4-in/4-out interface that delivers world-class performance and sound quality. Boasting best-in-class audio fidelity through 24-bit processing and 192kHz sampling frequency the Volt 4 will capture every detail of your performance in immense detail. The ultimate portable interface for recording vocals the Volt 4 includes a Vintage Mic Preamp mode taken from a vintage UA 610 tube preamplifier that gently sculpts and shapes your tone to add warmth and subtle saturation to your vocal recordings. Be album ready all in one place with Volt 4. Volt 4 comes included with a host of carefully selected software packages to inspire your creativity. Where others offer a large amount of software with little purpose the Universal Audio Volt 4 gives you everything you need to create professional music any time by including Ableton Live Lite DAW a number of virtual instruments including UJAMs Virtual Drummer and Virtual Bassist as well as a suite of modelling amplifiers for your electric guitar and bass from Softube as well as a slew of world-class plugins from Relab and much more. Producing on the go? No problem powered by USB the Volt 4 can travel with you anywhere to create professional-sounding music and thanks to the compatibility with Mac Windows and iOS devices no matter what system you are using to create the Volt 176 will be able to adapt and thrive.