TC Electronic SCF GOLD Stereo Chorus Flanger Pedal Limited Edition

TC Electronic SCF GOLD Stereo Chorus Flanger Pedal Limited Edition
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: TC Electronic
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The TC Electronic SCF GOLD Limited Edition is a reissued and remade version of their very first effects pedal. In 1976 TC Electronics founders were frustrated with the noise floor of effects pedals on the market struggling to fit them into their music so they decided to make their own design. This is how the original SCF pedal was born and its beautiful dreamy sound quickly became a mainstay in studios and on the pedalboards of world-famous artists. Praised for its noise-free transparent character the SCF is a classic analog modulation effect. Now with the SCF Gold Limited Edition you can get this legendary effect in your setup new and improved in a small and rare batch that comes with a 9V DC power supply and unique gold chrome design. An exhaustively accurate reissue of the original circuitry the SCF Gold gives you the same wide swirling character that made the first SCF so sought after. With incredible headroom for high dynamic range a redesigned analog preamp for an improved low-frequency response and a staggeringly low noise floor the SCF Gold takes the original unit and builds on top of it for a more greatly improved experience. Get broad subtly sweeping sound for a rich stereo sound field or fast-paced wobbly character for your sounds out of this versatile modulator.