Steinberg Guitar Recording Kit Bundle

Steinberg Guitar Recording Kit Bundle
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Steinberg
319 GBP
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The ultimate all-inclusive package. Achieving larger-than-life tones just got easier thanks to the Steinberg Guitar Recording Kit Bundle. Consisting of a versatile two input interface powerful software including Cubase Artist Edition 10.5 and Line 6 Helix native and a premium quality cable. With these pro-grade industry standard tools in your rig theyll be nothing stopping you from taking your productions and performances above and beyond. Not only is the UR22C interface incredible for direct guitar recordings. The inclusion of studio-grade preamps means it just about excels on any source you throw at it. Drums bass percussion vocal strings. You name it. The UR22C reproduces it with an incredible level of clarity and detail. Flexible and intuitive. Theres good reason why some of the worlds leading producers and musicians choose Cubase to capture fleeting moments of inspiration. From powerful plugins to a seemingly infinite number of virtual instruments. Theres something for every music maker in this DAW. This paired with the Line 6 native plugin proves an unstoppable force for any creative task. The wide range of customisation it provides will propel your creativity into new realms!