SSL X-Gate

SSL X-Gate
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Solid State Logic
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The SSL X-Gate is an intuitive gate with advanced shaping features. With a range of highly visual features X-Gate offers a comprehensive gating workflow inspired by classic analog gate hardware and SSLs Live and Broadcast consoles. This includes a rolling waveform graph mid/side processing options and tweakable hysteresis using independent open and closed thresholds. Enjoy a range of unique sound sculpting control features. Use the interactive sidechain filter interface and mid/side balance options to focus your gating on unwanted sounds and retain the natural elements of the signal as you process. Visual feedback is primary to the workflow of X-Gate the hardware-inspired traffic light system offers immediate visual confirmation of the gates current status. Furthermore a rolling waveform visualisation graph provides an intuitive display of the incoming signal so you know where to set your open and close thresholds. Push the functionality of X-Gate with two additional modes visualised by the I/O graph. X-Gate offers a fixed expander mode for transparent gating and a duck mode for attenuating a signal only when it exceeds a threshold. Duck mode can be combined with your DAWs sidechaining abilities for intelligent ducking. Please Note: This product comes in the form of a digital download code that will be sent to your email for activation.