Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Solid State Logic
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The Solid State Logic BiG SiX is a powerful analog mixing console perfect for mixing in the studio post-production live performances and podcasting. Featuring SSLs benchmark SuperAnalogue audio technology the BiG SiX delivers the classic sound of SSL consoles in a compact and robust design. Four mono channels are equipped with SuperAnalogue Mic Pres providing transparent and rich audio fidelity with an expanded gain range. The renowned SSL Listen Mic Compressor circuit returns providing you with a powerful processing tool that can be used to create monstrous drum sounds. Each mono recording channel features the newly introduced three-band SSL EQ which encapsulates SSLs classic sound offering advanced shaping controls. The professional metering provides instantaneous visual feedback allowing you to make informed adjustments on the fly. With a myriad of versatile routing options the BiG SiX can handle any job. It features two Stereo Cue buses a dedicated Master section with main/alternate monitor outputs and a monitor source matrix. Console-grade 100mm faders allow you to dictate your levels with absolute precision. It even has an essential version of G-Comp Bus Compressor with Auto release as well as dual headphone outputs for the ultimate SSL experience!