Soundcraft Ui24R Digital Rack Mixer

Soundcraft Ui24R Digital Rack Mixer
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Soundcraft
1006 GBP
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Hear your mix from every point of view. Give every audience member the best sound possible with a Soundcraft Ui24R Digital Rack Mixer. When youre stuck behind a fixed desk your mix might sound great…to you. But how can you be sure it sounds great to every audience member? Get a Soundcraft Ui24R thats how. The flexibility of a surface-less mixer doesnt mean you have to sacrifice functionality. You can expect all the functionality youd get from a conventional mixer just easier. Take advantage of 20 mic preamps 8 aux outputs 2 channels of DigiTech amp modelling along with 31-band graphic EQ compressors gates and feedback suppression on every output channel. Theres a lot of mixer to keep track of. Luckily mixing it all couldnt be easier. You can connect any wifi compatible device with up to 10 connections available. This means you can mix the front of house whilst each band member mixes their own monitor.