Sony Sel50F25G Full-Frame Lens Fe 50Mm F2.5 G - Premium G Series Prime Lens

Sony Sel50F25G Full-Frame Lens Fe 50Mm F2.5 G - Premium G Series Prime Lens
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Brand: Sony
Color: Black
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The Sony SEL50F25G Full-Frame Lens helps you shoot incredible photos and video. STAY FOCUSED This wide angle lens for stills and movies features an advanced optical design with two aspherical elements and one ED (Extra-low Dispersion) element for incredible corner-to-corner high-resolution, along with beautiful background defocus (bokeh). Two double linear motors provide fast, precise AF with excellent tracking performance, with quiet autofocus and tracking in this compact-sized and lightweight Sony G lens. Internal focusing ensures the angle of view is stable during focusing (focus breathing minimised). An incredible video lens, the SEL50F25G delivers smooth, fast and continuous auto focus performance for movie shooting. INCREDIBLY SHARP Delivering high corner-to-corner resolution and beautiful bokeh, the Sony SEL50F25G is an excellent compact, lightweight full frame lens for cityscapes, landscapes and videography, these features making it an excellent portrait lens too. BEAUTIFULLY SMOOTH BACKGROUNDS A 7-blade circular aperture on this Sony lens creates beautiful circular background bokeh defocus effects with a large F2.5 aperture. FAST AND PRECISE Two linear motors deliver fast, precise AF with excellent tracking capability. Taking maximum advantage of this performance, tracking is maintained despite instantaneous changes in subject motion, making the lens ideal for situations like snap shooting of moving subjects. SUPERB BUILD QUALITY The high-quality build uses metal (aluminium) for the exterior finish and hood, achieving a sophisticated look, contributing to increased strength and durability. GREAT FOR MOVIE SHOOTING The fast, precise AF with excellent tracking performance delivered by two linear motors is also quiet, making this FE lens ideal for both still and movie shooting. Depth: 4.5 CM Height: 4.5 CM Width: 6.8 CM Zoom: Digital Zoom