Sony Sel35F18F Fe 35Mm F1.8 Full-Frame Prime Lens

Sony Sel35F18F Fe 35Mm F1.8 Full-Frame Prime Lens
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Brand: Sony
Color: Black
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The Sony SEL35F18F FE 35mm F1.8 full-frame prime lens gives you outstanding versatility. Thanks to innovative optical design, this large-aperture lens weighs a mere 280g and is just 65.6mm in diameter by 73mm in length. That convenience and mobility come with superb image quality that makes it a great all-round choice for stills and movies. This is a full-frame lens, but also balances well with APS-C bodies, providing an equivalent focal length of 52.5mm that is ideal for portraits and snapshots. Enjoy quiet, reliable autofocus tracking for movies as well as stills The narrow depth of field available at a wide F1.8 aperture makes focus critical. The fast response and high precision of the linear-motor AF drive system ensure fast, precise, quiet autofocus operation. Outstanding AF performance is available for both stills and movies, where “wobbling” is employed for delicate continuous focus control. A 0.22m (0.73ft.) minimum focus distance and 0.24x maximum magnification make this lens useful for closeups as well as general photography and moviemaking. High optical performance is maintained at close range, providing the quality needed to create stunning images of tabletop subjects, flowers, and more. A conveniently placed focus hold button not only offers easy focus hold control, but can be assigned to a variety of other functions from a menu accessed via the camera body. The lens also features a focus mode switch that allows instant switching between auto and manual focus. Outstanding corner-to-corner image quality from maximum F1.8 aperture. Smart optical construction includes an aspherical element to suppress optical aberration and deliver high resolution throughout the entire image frame. A 9-blade circular aperture enables beautiful bokeh and contributes to natural looking highlights. A dust and moisture resistant design ensures maximum reliability in challenging shooting environments. Depth: 65.6 MM Outstanding corner-to-corner image quality from maximum F1.8 aperture Compact and lightweight with full-frame coverage Quiet, reliable Autofocus tracking for movies as well as stills Move in for impressive close-ups Versatile and reliable for a range of shooting situations Height: 73 MM Width: 65.6 MM