Sony C-100 Two Way Condenser Microphone

Sony C-100 Two Way Condenser Microphone
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Brand: Sony
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The Sony C-100 Two Way Condenser Microphone is a premium quality studio microphone presenting an ultra-high-resolution sound quality that is perfect for recording a myriad of different instruments with a focus on vocals and singing. Designed using innovative dual-capsule construction the Sony C-100 features an extended frequency range from 20Hz to 50kHz to capture ultra-sonic frequencies to provide an exceptionally detailed and articulate sound that is perfect for capturing vocal performances in the studio. Coming complete with a switchable low-cut filter and a -10dB input pad you can keep your signals ultra-clean and remove any overwhelming low frequencies that can eat up headroom in your recording as well as three selectable polar patterns. A formidable studio microphone the C-100 will be a true workhorse in your arsenal. Designed with a two-part metallic body structure effectively reduces any vibrational noise to maintain an ultra-clean signal with no environmental or extraneous noises making it perfect for both studio recordings as well as live broadcast situations. Where many manufacturers hark back to the golden age of microphone history the Sony C-100 pushes the envelope and looks towards the future. Delivering a natural high-definition soundscape the C-100 is the culmination of innovative design with practical functionality.