Roland V-02HD MK-II Streaming Video Mixer

Roland V-02HD MK-II Streaming Video Mixer
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Roland
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The Roland V-02HD MK-II Streaming Video Mixer is a portable powerful and simple to use mixer designed to let you mix two high-quality HDMI cameras as well as audio together through your favourite streaming platform via USB-C. The perfect solution for the modern-day streamer talk show presenter podcaster tutor artist and more the Roland V-02HD MK-II delivers performance like nothing else in its category offering ultra-high resolution audio and visuals in a simple and intuitive unit to lift your production to the next level. Free from any convoluted drivers menus and tech The Roland V-02HD MK-II takes care of it all for you simply connect up to two HDMI cameras and two microphones (or use the embedded audio through the HDMI camera) and V-02HD MK-II will be recognised by your computer and connect automatically. Featuring a 10-channel digital audio mixer powered by Rolands powerful sound manipulation engine you can even mix your audio with world-class effects to produce the cleanest and most detailed sound possible with compression de-essing EQ and more. Supporting hands-free control the V-02HD MK II lets you connect to optional BOSS footswitches (sold separately) and perform your stream completely hands-free switching slides cameras and more all with your foot. The simple and intuitive control layout and T-fader make the V-02HD MK-II extremely easy to operate with a simple USB connection to your computer instantly unlocking integration to your favourite streaming service whether thats Facebook YouTube Twitch OBS and more. An application is currently in development to operate your unit via macOS Windows and iPad on desktop and tablet to give you complete control over your directing in immense detail and is expected to arrive in late 2021.