Roland PM-200 Personal Drum Monitor Amplifier

Roland PM-200 Personal Drum Monitor Amplifier
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Roland
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The Roland PM-200 Personal Drum Monitor Amplifier is a high-quality monitor amplifier from Roland specially designed and optimised to accurately reproduce Rolands famously expressive V-Drum sound and response. The monitor features a dedicated V-Drums input with a volume control knob along with a 1/4 line input for other audio sources and for playing along to your favourite songs. Also featured are two XLR direct outputs with selectable stereo or dual mono output for a V-Drums module connected in stereo.Featuring a rugged cabinet and a custom full-range speaker system made up of a 12 speaker and an incredible 180W amplifier which combine together to not only offer incredible projection but also brilliant accuracy and clarity. The integrated 2-band EQ controls allow you to adjust the tonal characteristics to optimise the sound to suit your preference. Designed and optimised specifically for electronic percussion the Roland PM-200 is the ultimate monitoring solution for Rolands V-Drum electric kits.