Roland LX708 Digital Piano Package Polished White

Roland LX708 Digital Piano Package Polished White
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Roland
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Explore the pleasures of playing a grand piano. Standing out among the LX range with its towering impressive cabinet the Roland LX708 digital piano in polished white is sure to make a bold statement in your home. At the heart of the LX708 are two world-class instruments; a classic European grand and an American grand. Powered by Rolands advanced PureAcoustic Piano Modeling technology the LX708 recreates rather than just replays the sound. This means you get a tone which is shaped to your exact performance. You simply cannot get this level of accuracy with samples. Part of the thrill of playing a grand piano is how the sound engulfs everything around it. This is why Roland have put an impressive four-way eight-speaker setup with a powerful amplifer in the LX708. Evenly split to cover the pianos dynamic range the LX708 will comfortably transform your practice into a performance.