Roland Cloud SRX Strings Virtual Instrument

Roland Cloud SRX Strings Virtual Instrument
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Roland
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The Roland Cloud SRX Strings Virtual Instrument - Lifetime Key is a premium-quality stereo sampled string library performed by some of the worlds most noted orchestras available in a plug-in format for your DAW. Played with multiple articulations and a vast array of velocities in both ensemble and sectional instantly access some of the worlds most expressive and vibrant orchestral strings at the touch of a button. Performed by noted European orchestras in world-class studios and locations the Roland Cloud SRX Strings Virtual Instrument will quickly become your one-stop shop for strings in your music production. Whether youre composing austere ambience cinematic sound-scapes up-tempo film scores the SRX Strings will have the sound for you and your production. The spirit of the original hardware has been immaculately replicated using the innovative digital circuit behaviour (DCB) modelling to accurately recreate the original sample ROM. Delivering the one of a kind sound that you expect from Roland the SRX Strings Virtual Instrument creates an emotional connection to the music that speaks to the human spirit through dynamic and textured performances. Incredibly difficult to obtain the original hardware SRX expansion boards quickly became a staple of many world-class producers and composers to add to their everyday toolkit now you can achieve the same level of industry-standard performance in your DAW to express your creativity in new and exciting ways. Please Note: This product comes in the form of a digital download code that will be sent to your email for activation.