Roland Aira Compact E-4 Voice Tweaker with Case

Roland Aira Compact E-4 Voice Tweaker with Case
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Roland
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The Roland Aira Compact E-4 Voice Tweaker is the ultimate tool for vocalists and music producers providing the ability to change your voice in multiple ways. Taking inspiration from the Roland VT-3 the E-4 is jam-packed with vocal processing tools including auto-pitch vocoder harmonizer and much more. As well as being a powerful performance tool the E-4 can also be used to transform your vocals whilst recording too. Dedicated sliders are included for changing the pitch and formant of your voice as well as a slider that controls the onboard reverb effect - perfect for adding some more depth to your voice. Create sequences loops and performances using the 24-second looper complete with unlimited overdubbing undo/redo and automatic BPM detection. One of the most unique features is Auto Pitch which will automatically change the pitch of your voice to match the music; capturing that classic auto-tune style effect for live performances. A range of onboard effects allows you to texture/add colour to your sounds including a premium-grade reverb echo tempo delay and chorus effects. You can even dial-in rhythmic effects using the large Scatter knob ideal for adding some flair to your performances. The compact design and built-in Lithium-ion battery make the T-8 highly portable - perfect for musicians on the move. Included: Roland CB-RAC Case for Aira Compact Instruments. the case provides optimal protection for your AIRA instrument comprised of a semi-rigid EVA shell with polyester exterior double heavy-duty zippers for added security and an internal mesh pocket for storing cables. Perfect for musicians that travel from place to place.