Rickenbacker 360 Mapleglo

Rickenbacker 360 Mapleglo
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Rickenbacker
2799 GBP
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The Rickenbacker 360 is an out and out classic of an electric guitar that has been crafted with industry standard premium-grade construction from some of the worlds finest guitar makers. Its design features a combination of maple and rosewood two excellent tonal woods that combine to make a guitar that is not only built for comfortable playing but also one that emits a rich and bright sound to make you stand out whilst you perform. As this model comes equipped with a pair of high-gain single coil pickups you are provided with a stunning playing experience topped with beautifully natural harmonics and a powerful overdrive. Finished with a bright natural Mapleglo finish and contrasting white pickguard the Rickenbacker 360 boasts a vintage appearance that is recognisable from the 1960s era. Beautiful harmonics delivered by a visually stunning instrument.