Recording Starter Pack by Gear4music

Recording Starter Pack by Gear4music
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Gear4Music
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Record clean and accurate audio. The Recording Starter Pack by Gear4music provides a range of crucial equipment for creating a home studio. The set includes a microphone stand cable and pop shield. A pair of headphones are also included. The large condenser microphone is ideal for a range of sound sources in particular it is possible to achieve high quality vocal recordings. This is helped further thanks to the pop shield which helps reduce unwanted plosive sounds from recordings. The included microphone stand can easily be height adjusted ensuring a range of sources can be correctly miked. This is helped further by the 6-metre cable being able to reach sources far away. The stereo headphones ensure you can accurately monitor your recordings. When not in use the included carry pouch can be used to store your microphone. Quick and easy to set up the Recording Starter Pack is integral for home recording setups. Please note: The included microphone requires an audio interface or mixer (not included) with 48V Phantom Power to record.