Radial Workhorse PreMax Channel Strip

Radial Workhorse PreMax Channel Strip
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Radial
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The Radial Workhorse PreMax Channel Strip combines an ultra low-noise mic preamp with an incredibly musical-sounding 3-band EQ in a single 500 Series module. Radials unique AccuState gain control technology in the preamp section ensures low noise operation at all times. The PreMaxs EQ consists of high mid and low shelving controls each with a +/-12dB range. The EQ allows you to be creative or corrective providing you with a versatile platform for tone-shaping. The module also features a gentle high-pass filter with a 100Hz cutoff for controlling low-frequency resonance as well as a 180 polarity reverse switch for phase-alignment or interfacing with vintage gear that doesnt follow the AES pin-2 hot convention. Providing you with an all-in-one channel strip that delivers exceptional sound combined with intuitive operation the Radial Workhorse PreMax is an ideal choice for any 500 Series modular setup.