Radial Workhorse Komit 500 Compressor-Limiter

Radial Workhorse Komit 500 Compressor-Limiter
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Radial
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Intuitive compression. The Radial Workhorse Komit 500 Compressor-Limiter offers exceptionally clean compression alongside an old-school diode clipping limiter design. A 3-position attack-decay switch for the auto-detecting feed-forward VCA lets you select between Slow Medium and Fast A-D modes providing ample flexibility for a wide range of sound sources. The Komits limiter features Radials Clipper design which utilises diode bridge circuitry adding a unique personality to your recordings by clipping the signal when they exceed the headroom. This simulates the sound of vintage broadcast equipment from the early days of radio. The Komit is also equipped with a dual ballistic VU providing simultaneous visual feedback regarding the compression and output of your signal. With a wide range of uses and compressing possibilities the Komit is a perfect addition to any 500 Series rig.